Posture Pegs for Cello

Some cellists feel restricted by the location of their C and G pegs while playing. The pegs can hit their head, pull hair and cause them to subconsciously lean their neck forward while playing. These frustrations often result in tension, discomfort and limited artistic expression. Ergonomic Posture Pegs have been developed to solve this problem.

Players who wish to have more freedom of motion can have one or two “headless” Posture Pegs installed on the bass side of the instrument. Posture Pegs eliminate the sometimes frustrating peg handle (that interferes with the cello angle and head position) and replaces it with a removable key.

The peg is made of African ebony with a steel insert. The key fits into the steel insert allowing the cello to be tuned in the traditional manor. Posture Pegs are installed without modifying the peg hole which allows the player to reinstall the original pegs at any time without assistance from a luthier.

Interested in Posture Pegs for your cello? We can supply the pegs and fit them for you.

Cello with two Posture Pegs

Cello after two posture pegs have been installed

Cello with one posture peg

Cello after one posture peg has been installed

Cello with four standard pegs

Cello before Posture Pegs have been installed

Posture pegs and keys before and after fitting

Posture pegs and keys before and after fitting

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